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Schedule & Tickets For Erasure 2014 Violet Flame Tour

Update 11/27/2014 Erasure has wrapped up the "Violet Flame" Tour & scheduled a 2 night concert event ending on New Years Eve at The Terminal 5 in New York, NY. The table below reflects a current concert schedule, as of today.

Erasure has recently announced details of their "Violet Flame" tour. The tour is set to kick off with a concert in Miami Beach, FL at the The Fillmore Miami Beach At Jackie Gleason Theater on September 12th. The final concert of the tour, although subject to change, is currently scheduled on November 1st at the Fox Theater in Oakland, CA.


Use the table below to find cities & dates for Erasure concerts.

Don't want to miss Erasure in concert? See Erasure in concert by using the link below for a constantly updated tour schedule. Erasure will likely add more concerts in the future:

Updated Erasure Concert Tickets & Schedule

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Updated Erasure Concert Tickets & Schedule

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Erasure In Concert Terminal 5

New York, NY
7:00 PM
Erasure Tickets New York, NY
Erasure In Concert Terminal 5

New York, NY
8:30 PM
Erasure Concert Tickets New York, NY

The "Violet Flame" Tour is in support of their 16th studio album of the same name, which is scheduled for release on Sept. 24th (tracklist below). The 1st single is set to be released in July.

They released the album "Snow Globe" in November of 2013 (tracklist below). The album was a "NON"-traditional Christmas album.

Although there are multiple versions the basic tracklist for the "Violet Flame" album is as follows:

1. "Dead of Night"
2. "Elevation"
3. "Reason"
4. "Promises"
5. "Be the One"
6. "Sacred"
7. "Under the Wave"
8. "Smoke and Mirrors"
9. "Paradise"
10. "Stayed a Little Late Tonight"

Tracklist for the "Snow Globe" album is as follows:

1. "Bells of Love (Isabelle's of Love)"
2. "Gaudete" traditional
3. "Make It Wonderful"
4. "Sleep Quietly"
5. "Silent Night"
6. "Loving Man"
7. "The Christmas Song"
8. "Bleak Midwinter"
9. "Blood on the Snow"
10. "There'll Be No Tomorrow"
11. "Midnight Clear"
12. "White Christmas"
13. "Silver Bells"